Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The truth behind the "After 6 Diet"

We have heard from different celebrity endorsers that one can lose weight if you don't eat after 6 pm. This isn't exactly a myth and researchers can't say that it's absolutely untrue. There are circumstances that may contribute to its working on people who are, let's say junk food addicts. Not eating after six would definitely benefit them because their salt and calorie intakes would be reduced. But if you beleive you can eat with no holds barred the whole day and just stop at 6pm, then you have to rethink your diet. the key to good eating habits is getting proper nutrition from balanced meals. Even eating several light meals a day is all right. It is the daily caloric intake, not any evening curfew, which determines weight loss or gain.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Advantage of Being Healthy

For me, beinghealthy is not just being physically fit but also spiritually fit. In my opinion, the advantage of being spiritually healthy is that you are very assured that someone is leading you to the right path. Our faithfulness to God helps us to become physically and mentally healthy. Our faith makes us healthy by the grace of God. Sometimes we get sick but our Faith will bring us back to good health. If we value our spiritual health, we also value our physical health, and then we experience living life to the full. We should value our physical health for the sake of the people who love us, especially this Christmas! Remember, Always stay healthy!