Friday, November 20, 2009

Healthy Living

I am happy and contented with my lifestyle. Even though it's not possible for me to have another child after my major operation due to my AdenoMyosis, a uterus infection. I'm glad that i'm lucky to have a son which is so kind and god-fearing. I am a vegetarian and i eat all kind of veggies even "alog bati" and "saluyot" which are quite unpopular to everyone. I love making salads and vegetable dishes. I am not a pure vegetarian becuase i eat meats too but i always make sure i balance everything.
I drink milk in a daily basis after my work and before going to bed. I make sure that i'm doing all these healthy habits everyday. Living a healthy life means to live longer. You are highly resistant against diseases and cancers.
Have a great day and Happy healthy living!

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